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At the beginning of May, I traveled to a little known area of Czech Republic – Moravia. I made the decision to travel here after seeing photos of the beautiful rolling hills – apparently Moravia is known as Tuscany of eastern Europe. Just like any other photography trip, I like to do a bit of […]

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Best of 2016?

It’s the end of another year. I am not quite sure where did this year go. But looking at my previous blog posts, it was around this time last year I made the last post, and it was about the best of 2015. I am surprised I still remember my password for this account 🙂

Anyways, it’s that time of the year where everyone does their best of moments, or top 10 / top 12 of 2016. Rather than doing the same, I thought I ‘d try something a bit different. Instead of choosing 10 best images, I am just going to pick one image from each of my trips this year. It’s been a well traveled year for me, only traveling to Iceland, Scotland, Cyprus and then a last minute trip to Seychelles.

Ice Labyrinth


My first trip of the year was Iceland at the end of January. This was one of the most productive trips. I managed to get plenty of images I am really happy with, but the highlight of the trip was a venture to one of the glaciers in Vatnajokull National Park. This was something I have always wanted to do since my first trip and wandering around in this alien landscape was amazing.

Glen Coe

My second trip was to Scottish Highlands in March. This was mainly a trip to do a winter skills course and I spent couple of days on the mountains learning about ice axes and crampons. After the course, I decided to stay for the week as the weather forecast was pretty good. In the end, I ended up wild camping on few other summits all around Glen Coe. This was the sunset from Beinn a’Chrulaiste overlooking towards Glen Coe with Buachaille Etive More, Buachaille Etive Beag and Three Sisters from left to right.

Moonlight Curves

I had couple of trips to Cyprus this year and managed to spend quite a few nights doing astrophotography. I took this one while waiting for the moonset. The light from the quarter moon was enough light up the foreground while preserving the faint details of Milky Way overhead.


My final trip of the year was to Seychelles to see the world famous Anse Source D’argent. This was bit of a childhood dream for me as I used to have photos of this beach as my desktop wallpaper when I was a kid. So it was really a special experience to be in this place. This photo was from my last day. I had my eye on this rock since my first visit to Anse Source D’argent but it took me until my last day to come up with a photo I was happy with. These granite rocks are simply amazing.


Rho Ophiuchi Complex

Bonus image! I have done quite a lot of astrophotography when I was in Cyprus, managing to photograph few different deep space objects. Highlight was the Rho Ophiuchi Complex in Scorpio Constellation. While the end result is far from perfect, I am really happy with the first attempt at this target. I’ll probably go back to this colorful target next summer!

Hopefully next year will be even busier. I have a trip planned to Slovenia in January and will go back to Cyprus sometime in Summer. But I have few other trips in my mind as well, so watch this space (or more realistically at the end of next year when I do another list!)

I hope 2016 was a good year for you as well and wish you all a great 2017!


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Evolution of a Picture…

It all started on a warm summer evening. I was standing at a pitch black beach in Karpaz Peninsula (North Cyprus) and staring at the sky. I took few images of the Milky Way using a Samyang 14mm lens. I went home and stitched images together to create this panorama. It is a 9 image […]

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Somerset Levels

Here in Somerset and Southwest England, we are having another very wet winter. And with all the heavy rainfalls, Somerset Levels are flooded once again. This is really devastating for the people living in the area as well as the farmers using the fields. Unfortunately this year, it has been much worse than previous years with […]

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