New Iphone; Survivor Edition

If you have been following my blog, you may have read about my “Epic Arctic Adventure” back in the beginning of this year. One thing I didn’t mention in that post was that I lost my Iphone 5 on the first day of our trip, even before we made it to the place we were staying. On the way up the hill to the hotel we were staying (Iso-Syöte) we had to get out and push the cars. My phone was on my lap while in the car and it must have fallen off when I got out of the car.

Once I noticed the phone was missing (right after we pushed the cars), I walked up and down the road several times, together with few others from the group. Unfortunately phone was on silent, and “Find My Iphone” feature wasn’t turned on. So despite our best efforts, my phone was long gone. I reported it to the hotel reception in case someone found it while we were there, but I had given up on it – if we didn’t find it on the first day, it was never going to survive the snow and cold…

Fast forward 6 months and I got an e-mail from Iso-Syöte Hotel reception. Apparently, once the snow has melted, some guests staying at the hotel found the phone and took it to the reception. At first they thought it may have belonged to one of the current guests. So they held on to the phone, thinking someone would ask for it – but obviously no one did. Eventually they managed to find my e-mail address on the phone, and they e-mailed me explaining the situation. They even offered to post the phone to me, however due to some regulations, you are not allowed to post items with li-ion batteries in Finland.

Luckily one of the people working at the hotel was coming to London for the World Travel Market, and they offered to post it to me once he was here in London. Instead, I offered to meet up, and after several emails, and a long bus ride to London, I am finally reunited with my long lost phone.

Damaged but functional screen

Considering it spent most of the winter and spring buried in snow, and freezing temperatures, I am surprised that it works. The aluminum case is “slightly” deformed, and the screen is damaged (not cracked though, it looks like dead pixels from water damage?), but everything else seems to be working fine. I think this phone will be a nice DIY repair project 🙂

Slightly morphed..

Even though I have replaced my phone long time ago, I still can’t thank enough to Iso-Syöte Hotel – that’s what I can call excellent customer service!

Update: I have now managed to replace the rear case and the screen with spare parts, and after a tedious 3 hour operation, I can report that it is 100% fully functional and as good as new.

All the parts had to be removed from the old case, and installed in the new one.

I know people like to give Apple & Iphone a hard time, but until someone shows me a phone that survives a winter buried in snow, I’ll say Apple does a damn good job with Iphone…

From the ashes, a new iphone is born…

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