Somerset Levels

Here in Somerset and Southwest England, we are having another very wet winter. And with all the heavy rainfalls, Somerset Levels are flooded once again. This is really devastating for the people living in the area as well as the farmers using the fields. Unfortunately this year, it has been much worse than previous years with number of villages flooded.

This is going to sound a bit controversial but, while all the flooding has devastating effects on the people living in the area, it also creates a beautiful environment. Flooded fields create endless wetlands filled with numerous birds. And the landscape itself resembles the river deltas of Africa during wet season. As a photographer, I always look for the beauty of a scene. For the last few years, I have been trying to capture this beauty created by the flood waters and wanted to share some of my favorites with you. I like to think of these pictures as a silver lining for the idiom “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”. Most of these photos required me to wander around with my waders or wellies. And as a disclaimer, I have to say that I only go to areas where I can see the bottom of the water or I know where the rivers and canals are to avoid any danger.

(Click on the images for larger view)

Winter Dawn over the Levels
Startrails over Burrow Mump
Glastonbury Tor rising over the flood waters like an island
Glastonbury Tor rising over the flood waters like an island
Grass poking through the thin layer of ice
Frozen fields on Somerset Levels
Gentle breeze blowing through the grass at Burrow Mump
Mist rolling off the distant hills on this beautiful sunrise
Dusting of winter frost & flooded fields
Freezing Fog at Burrow Mump


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